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Hi, I’m Dr. Frankie, clinical psychologist, relationship, dating, and sex coach.

I’m the founder of the Little Gay Book Community for Professional Singles, and owner of the only High End Lesbian Matchmaking Agency exclusively for women in the country.

I’ve worked as a psychologist for over 20 years where I’ve personally helped hundreds of people with their sexual identity, heal their trauma, and save their relationships. I’ve also privately coached and trained countless lesbians on dating, sex, and relationships and have completed over 25,000 matchmaking introductions in the last decade- with one of the highest matchmaking success rates in the industry.

My expertise has been featured on TV, Radio and Print, nationwide, including a 2020 winter TEDx Talk, in addition to debuting as the Relationship Expert for Season 8 of MTV’s Historic “Are You The One,” Love Reality Series, featuring the first 100% sexually fluid cast on television.

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Why does dating seem so ridiculously difficult? If you are skilled in how to date, then dating becomes easy, fun, and rewarding. You leave every date with new insight into yourself, what you are looking for in a partner, and maybe even what you aren’t looking for in a partner.

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Whether you’re looking for individual support or exploring with a partner, low-pressure discussions, fun role playing, and personalized dating homework can help you uncover and overcome the patterns and beliefs holding you back from recognizing your true relationship potential. Learn more below.

I received coaching from Dr. Frankie

over the past few months and being that I’m not someone who generally asks for advice, that’s saying something. I couldn’t be happier with the time I received from Dr. Frankie, filled with her thoughtful insight, understanding nature, and encouraging ways. She also gave me excellent advice and tips, even when I wished she was wrong, but knew she was right. The thing about Dr. Frankie is, not only is she intelligent and qualified, she is also invested and caring and you never feel like she’s watching the clock. She genuinely cares for you as a person, and if for no other reason, that’s why you can trust her in such personal endeavors as coaching, matchmaking, or any of her services. I would recommend Dr. Frankie to anyone reading this as well as my closest friends. And if all of this hasn’t convinced you, I met the love of my life two weeks into my coaching sessions with Dr. Frankie and we’ve been dating for almost 2 months now. Is Dr. Frankie directly responsible, probably not, but did she help? Definitely. And I know she can help you too.

Alex, songwriter