by Dr. Frankie

Our Process

Our matchmaking is for successful, professional people who are serious and committed to finding the right partner, but don’t have the time. They are sophisticated, emotionally stable and ready to do the work to find a compatible, loving partner.

Complete a Profile

A very intimate and individualized process, matchmaking starts with a profile. Adding your profile to our Matchmaking Database is the first step to us getting to know you. Other than the usual demographics (age, address, work, etc), the most important thing we need to know: What are you looking for? Is she artistic? Analytical? How does he spend his time? These things allow us to truly get a sense of what you’re looking for so don’t skip those questions.

Add Two Current Photos to Your Profile

Please provide at least one head-shot and one full-body photo. You may submit additional photos if you wish. These images help us to better understand your personality. Be assured that your photos will be viewed only by our matchmakers and will be kept confidential. High-quality photos are necessary for us to proceed effectively.

Schedule a Consultation

Now that we have your profile in our state of the art matchmaking software, it’s time to drill down into what you are truly looking for in a mate – we do this with a Consultation. A Consultation is a 90 minute interview with one of our matchmakers, where they drills down into who you are and who your loving match is. And like every healthy relationship, it starts with authentic communication. A Consultation is also your time to ask questions, get clarifications and find out everything about the matchmaking. The consultation fee is $750. Reserve your consultation using the button below.

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Fantastic job Dr. Frankie!

I can’t thank you enough for finding my dream guy. I didn’t think it was possible but you assured me it certainly is and I trusted and see exactly why you’re as successful as you are. Bravo!”

Bachelorette, NYC