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Dr. Frankie enjoys working with the media to help men and women gain a greater understanding of how to create, navigate and maintain healthy, loving relationships.

She has made numerous appearances as a radio program guest for NPR, This Show is So Gay and the Paul and Matty Show amongst others, as a relationship coach and expert. Dr. Frankie also feels it’s important to destigmatize less traditional type of relationships and debunk myths and misunderstandings that get in the way of having a successful relationship.

Please contact Dr. Frankie Bashan directly to discuss having her as a guest on your television or radio show at (415) 990-2929.

15-minute call

Coaching takes place in a confidential space, typically in person, by Skype or phone. To take the first step, simply set up a complimentary 15 minute call.

30 minute private debrief session with Dr. Frankie

This session is an opportunity to debrief about your experience of the Curated Mini Dates and I can answer any questions you have related to connections you’ve made or how you might want to proceed moving forward in your journey to find someone spectacular!

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